New Beginnings Services

Below are a list of the services New Beginnings provides. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or for further information.


New Beginnings is a part of Bakerview Centre of Learning, which is attached to the Abbotsford School District. 

Whether a student has graduated or not, courses do not have a fee. Students have the opportunity to choose several options for completion of their grade 12 education.

A student who has graduated can take courses to upgrade for a post secondary education. Our classroom consists of 2 full time teachers, 1 part time teacher and 1 education assistant.

Dogwood Diploma

Students have the opportunity to complete a full course selection at New Beginnings. Included in this is the chance to graduate with a Dogwood diploma.

Adult Grad

This high school completion program is shorter and oriented for students over 19 years of age. Students will come away with a designation of Adult Graduate diploma.

Aboriginal Students

New Beginnings has a number of students from different First Nations. To provide an opportunity for those students to connect and explore aspects of their aboriginal heritage the First Nations Support Worker from Bakerview Centre for Learning runs a group for 1 hour each Wednesday.


New Beginnings offers high quality childcare for parents who attend our program.

We believe that the child’s parents are the most important people in a child’s life; therefore, our child care staff work closely with parents to create an environment that is very family orientated.


  1. We are a fully licensed childcare center with two facilities that sit within 150 meters of the classroom.
  2. Staff are qualified Early Childhood Educators with extensive experience.
  3. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that offers a wide variety of activities to support the social, emotional and physical development of children.
  4. We have three different childcare programs for children under 3 years old.

Our Daycare

The daycare provided quality child care for  students' ichildren (ages 6 weeks to 36 months). We can provide care on either a part-time or full-time schedule with breakfast, snacks, and lunch provided on site.

New Beginnings' highly experienced staff provide activities for the children based on their ages and abilities.

Daycare Fees

Students can apply for Affordable Childcare Benefit to cover the cost of the child care fees. This process is simple and our Child Care Coordinator is happy to assist students in applying.

Parenting Support

New Beginnings knows that providing help and support to young parents can really help in their success in the classroom as well as in their start as parents.

We have a parent support worker who works directly with our mothers and fathers to help with issues such as housing, relationships, employment, and guardianship.

We also offer different types of parenting classes throughout the year so that parents have a chance to understand how their child is developing and to be introduced a variety of parenting techniques.

Parenting Classes

New Beginnings offers a wide variety of parenting classes throughout the school year. Each of these evening courses are offered in collaboration with Abby Dads.

  • Nobody’s Perfect
    Nobody's Perfect is a six week parenting course offered to students and their partners to talk about all aspects of parenting. Each session is two hours. This program focusing on parenting children over the age of 1.  Childcare and light snacks are provided. Parents are encouraged to bring partners or individuals who they co-parent with.
  • Mental Wellness Parenting                                                          Mental Wellness Parenting is a parenting program for parents who are actively parenting while coping with depression and/or anxiety.  Parents will develop new strategies to support mental wellness for themselves and their families.  

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

New Beginnings believes that it is important for youth to understand the realities and challenges of being a teen parent. Therefore, since 1997 when Community Education about Adolescent Sexuality (CEAS) was formed, graduates from New Beginnings have been providing one hour classroom panel presentations for students in grade six and up.

Panel presentations usually involve three to four parents discussing their experiences with early sexual activity and their teenage pregnancy. Over the past seven years CEAS has spoken to over one thousand grade seven students in Abbotsford.


CEAS (Community Education about Adolescent Sexuality) was formed in 1997 by a group of young parents who had graduated from New Beginnings. Each year groups of old and new graduates speak to middle school students about teenage parenting. CEAS’ mandate is to prevent teenage pregnancies by providing reality-based education.

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia for supporting this program. 

For anyone interested in starting a program like CEAS in their community, we have a very useful resource guide to help you on your way.

For more information about CEAS’ work feel free to contact the coordinator:

reg.unrau@archway.ca | 
phone: 604.850.7303 extension 3